4 in 5 college students have trouble concentrating after switching to remote learning

By Lee Cleveland, Polls and Trends - October 8, 2021

PollsandTrends Note: This shouldn’t be a surprise. There are far too many distractions at home or in a dorm room. Moreover, when we’re not in a true working environment, it requires more discipline to focus on work or studying.

ITASCA, Ill. — College students have a lot on their plates. Many are more than just students, they’re workers, caregivers, and even parents. Now, a new study reveals the switch to remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic has made earning a college degree even harder. Researchers with the American Academy of Pediatrics found that four in five college students are finding hard to concentrate on their schoolwork while taking classes at home.

Moreover, a survey of students in 166 accredited colleges and universities across 44 states reveals that more than half are struggling to balance remote classes and their household responsibilities. Nearly half the poll also cited mental health issues as a growing barrier to online learning.


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