Americans aren’t having kids because nobody can afford them

By Eudaimonia - March 6, 2021

America’s Imploding Birth Rate is Another Sign of a Collapsing Society

America’s birth rate is now so low it’s less than two kids per couple, which of course is what you need to keep a population growing, short of immigration. This fact plays into fascist fears of “white genocide,” which I’ll come back to.

Here’s a tiny question: why has America’s birth rate imploded? When I say imploded, I mean imploded. It’s more than halved since 1960. That’s yet another shocking — if not altogether surprising — indicator of social collapse.

(Of course, birth rates are falling around the world. And that is a good thing. It means we can invest more in each child. But America’s birth rate seems to be not just falling, but imploding, in the last few years alone. And that speaks to a deeper problem of economic collapse that America is facing.)

You already know the answer to the question, I suspect. The right wing, in a stunning display of how foolish it’s become, blames a plummeting fertility rate on a lack of…macho, macho men. Never mind the fact that the Trumpists don’t know that, hilariously, that Village People hit was written to be a gay nightclub anthem.

There’s no lack of macho men in American society. American men are as violent and backwards as they’ve ever been, maybe more so. Biden didn’t exactly stop dropping bombs and putting kids in cages. And beyond that, there’s no hormonal deficit or other biological explanation for a plummeting fertility rate. So what is it?

It’s economics, duh. Having a kid in America is unaffordable, and for that reason, it’s nothing short of terrifying.


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U.S. birth rate is lowest in 30 years
CBS News
May 17, 2018

A government report released Thursday showed the U.S. birth rate is the lowest rate in 30 years. CBS News’ Meg Oliver reports on the reasons for the downward trend — and what the long-term effects could be.

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