BlackBerry users take heed: Company officially exiting smartphone biz Jan 4

By Lee Cleveland - December 31, 2021

In 2020, Apple’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 12mini were the best-selling smartphones. In second place were the Samsung Galaxy: S20, S20+, and Ultra.

And through May 2021, the iPhone 12 was the hottest smartphone on the market.

iPhones and Samsungs dominate the smartphone industry today but that wasn’t always the case. In the early days of smartphones, the popular BlackBerry, for a short time, controlled nearly half of the smartphone marketshare while rival iPhone trailed.

But unfortunately for BlackBerry, the only thing faster than its ascent to the top was their crumbling decline.

Within just 5 years, BlackBerry went from being (arguably) the world’s most popular smartphone to controlling less than 1 percent of the smartphone marketshare in 2015.

BlackBerry’s demise was as fast as it was succinct.

And while the classic BlackBerrys haven’t been on the shelves in years, the company still offered support for them – until January 4, 2022.  BlackBerry announced on Thursday (via ArsTechnica) its ending support for the classic BlackBerry smartphones that run on BlackBerry operating systems and BlackBerry 10.

What does this mean for those who still use classic BlackBerries?

Customers will no longer receive patch updates to ensure the phone’s proper functionality. So, even basic functions such as calls, cellular data, SMS, and emergency calls may eventually stop working on classic BlackBerry phones.

Of course, BlackBerry smartphones that run Android won’t be impacted.

If you’re still using a classic BlackBerry (BlackBerry OS or BlackBerry 10) phone, BACK UP YOUR DATA ASAP.

Have you owned a Blackberry? Let us know in the comments section below what you thought of them and the whole BlackBerry vs iPhone rivalry years ago.