Donald Trump divorce odds: Surprising?

By Lee Cleveland, Polls and Trends - January 25, 2021

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has been out of office nearly 6 days but the drama surrounding him isn’t over.

Will the Senate vote to convict Trump, who has been impeached a second time?

Will Trump launch a new political party?

Will he announce plans to run for president again in 2024?

And, of course, will Melania file for divorce?  Some of us have been asking that question for 4 years.

Donald Trump divorce odds
Thus far, per, odds are +300 Melania will file for divorce. Hence, a successful $100 wager would net $300.

The odds of them staying together, via the same bookie, are -500. Thus, a successful $500 wager on Donald and Melania living happily ever after would net $100.

Perhaps there should be a divorce timetable or cutoff incorporated, such as 1,2 or 5 years?

So, why do so many believe a divorce is inevitable?

For starters, Melania, 50, seldom appeared affectionate or comfortable around her husband. Showcasing a stoic and cold demeanor, she often pulled away when the president attempted to show her the least bit of affection. In fact, we’ve seen her smack his hand in retaliation when he’s reached out to touch her.

Her behavior around Donald Trump,74, was a far cry from that of previous first ladies who have publicly projected more warmth and support for their spouses.

… And we know Melania has a sweet and tender side because we’ve seen how she is with their son, Barron.  

Perhaps she’s not a fan of romantic public displays of affection?

Or maybe she’s just not into The Donald anymore? (If she ever was to begin with). After all, she’s 24 years his junior and very striking. She could certainly find a much younger, much fitter man who is both smart and wealthy.

Rumors abound

In 2017, fellow ex-aide Omarosa Manigault Newman claimed the couple’s 15-year marriage was over, telling British Daytime TV upon her departure from the White House: “Melania is counting every minute until he is out of office and she can divorce.”

“If Melania were to try to pull the ultimate humiliation and leave while he’s in office, he would find a way to punish her.”

She also stated Melania was repulsed by her husband and the couple slept in separate bedrooms; But, in all fairness, it’s not uncommon for a president and first lady to have separate sleeping quarters.

Questions remain
– Is Melania repulsed by Trump?
– Is their marriage transactional?

Let’s face it, Donald doesn’t seem to be the easiest fella to get along with. And Melania, following Donald’s famously leaked Access Hollywood tape in 2016, must have been disappointed her husband was allegedly trying to sleep with other women during the early stages of their marriage and while she was pregnant.

Conversely, he is filthy rich and powerful. Power is attractive and financial affluence can be an enormous perk depending on one’s priorities in a marriage. With Donald, Melania can probably buy whatever she wants and travel wherever she wishes.

The conservative bet
Despite his scandals and Melania’s icy persona around Donald during his presidency, odds (-500) still indicate it’s more likely they’ll stay together. After all, Melania insists she has ‘a great relationship’ with her husband and has always sung his praises when given the spotlight.

Yes, it would be surprising; But maybe they do love each other – and get along – in a normal, healthy way?

“I don’t think Melania leaves Donald. She’s very willingly complicit in his schemes and holds his beliefs as her own,” said Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney.

“Those two deserve each other.”

“A lot of people want her to leave him as some kind of a payback, but I don’t see Melania Trump to be that type of a person,” added Elizabeth Natalle, a University of North Carolina at Greensboro professor who has authored books about former first ladies Jacqueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama. (Source: Washington Post)

“She’s consistently said in her interviews that she’s a big girl,”Natalle said. “She knows what she’s doing.”

Will Melania file for divorce in 2021? The longer they’re together during his post-presidency, the less likely it’s to happen.

If, by the end of the year, there’s no talk of Trump and Melania getting divorced, it might not happen.

If you strongly believe they will divorce, the betting line return is pretty good.

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