Smart Homes: A post COVID super trend

By Lee Cleveland, Polls and Trends - November 30, 2020

We have smartphones so why not “smart homes?”

These days, especially post COVID, people are doing more at home.

Even prior to the pandemic, it was customary for employers to allow employees to work from home 1 to 2 days per week. And since the outbreak, a lot of Americans have been working from home 5 days per week, but it doesn’t stop there.

Enter the smart home.

A smart home is a living residence equipped with gadgets that automate tasks previously handled by humans. Some these devices are built into the structure while others are added as needed.

Smart home items include but are not limited to speakers, cameras, computers, smartphones, tablets, movie rooms, robot vacuums, televisions, smart thermostats, security systems and appliances. One or more of these items are often linked together and homeowners can operate them via audible voice commands, applications, automation, or by using artificial intelligence.

What’s so cool about smart homes?

For starters, everyday tasks are simplified. With voice commands, one can check the weather, schedule appointments, adjust the thermostat, control lighting and more.

Also, one can feel more secure via strategically placed home cameras and easy-to-use motion sensors.

Cost-saving is also huge perk.

For example, one can use Smart thermostats that can be programed to heat or cool rooms at precise times or only when someone is present. And room lighting can be controlled in similar fashion.

Of course, a combination of those smart items is surely to reduce yor energy bill.

As for entertainment, who needs a theatre to watch movies or nightclub to hear music? Speakers can play music, offer news and sports updates, and can even help you control other connected smart devices. And yes, a connected device can even find a good film for you as you sit in your home’s mini theatre.

Pew Research Poll Find: Some owners try to be polite when addressing their smart speakers. More than half (54%) of smart speaker owners report that they ever say “please” when speaking to their device, including about one-in-five (19%) who say they do this frequently.

Women are more likely than men to say they at least occasionally say “please” to their smart speaker (62% vs. 45%).

We’ve only just begun… The smart home trend is alive and well and will continue into the next decade.

But, like anything else, there will be are growing pains which may pose challenges.

Manufacturers of smart home devices, such as Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Apple, create products that sometimes don’t play well together. As a result, consumers are at times forced to lock-in to a particular network provider which may limit their overall options.

Do you have a smart home, or just several smart devices? If so, please share your experience?

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