True crime TV cures pandemic blues

By Toronto Sun - April 11, 2021

Crime has always been a media staple.

It has sold millions of newspapers, packed theatres, kept listeners riveted during the Great Depression and now, it’s on TV — always.

Audiences during the pandemic have had a nearly insatiable appetite for true crime TV.

Was it the husband, the wife or her lover?

“I hate myself but I can’t get enough of it,” one friend of mine said recently. “It’s a bit ghoulish but very entertaining.”

Me? I like Cold Justice, Forensic Files, the Night Stalker, Mommy Dead and Dearest and a slew of other favourites.

What I don’t like is the recent trend of making crime shows that compare in length to Lord of the Rings (Hello, CBC!). Same with crime writing in most newspapers.

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar. Get over yourself.

True crime shows are mini-horror movies but instead of the demons featured on the big screen, these monsters are very real.

Here is how the most popular crime documentaries vary between Netflix and the IMDb databases:

1. Unsolved Mysteries, Bowling for Columbine; 2. Making a Murderer, Deliver us from Evil; 3. Wild Wild Country, The Thin Blue Line; 4. The Staircase, Abducted in Plain Sight; 5. The Keepers, The Act of Killing.

Meanwhile, Unsolved Mysteries, Making a Murderer, Wild Wild Country, Abducted in Plain Sight, The Act of Killing, Bowling for Columbine, The Thin Blue Line, The Keepers, The Imposter, and The Devil Next Door are the world’s most watched true crime shows.


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